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Theatre Production

Theatre Production 1-2 is a course designed for sophomores who want to participate in 8th period drama. It entails acting in a main stage show, and having a tech job for a main stage show.

Students will learn technical stagecraft techniques and the basics of theater management. Students may be exposed to design practices in all 5 disciplines: lights, sounds, set, costumes and props. They will have the opportunity to create a production from conception to performance and applying their classroom instruction in a production setting. This is an after school class which meets in the evenings. Theatre Production students work alongside our Stagecraft students (Advanced Drama students). Students will act in one of the 6 main-stage shows and will fill a production position on a second show. Concurrent enrollment in Drama 3-4 is required.

Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Scenic Design, Costume Design, Lighting Design, Sound Design, Prop Design, Prop Artisan, Technical Director, Carpenter, First Hand, Stitcher, Master Electrician, Sound Board Operator, Deck Crew

All elements of the shows below are the work of our Theatre Production & Stagecraft students, from acting, to design, to crew, under the guidance of our brilliant guest artists.