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Trojan Women

By Euripides, directed by Carla Spindt

Playing March 12-16, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

Trojan Women takes place circa 1180 BCE. The Trojan War took place because Helen, wife of Menelaus, followed Paris, a handsome prince, too Troy. For ten years, the Greeks attacked the city of Troy. The Greek’s final strategic tactic was to fake defeat and offer a giant wooden horse to commemorate Troy’s victory. Troy brought the giant horse inside the walls. The Greeks who hid in the wooden horse opened the gates to the Greek army who destroyed the city, killed all the men, and enslaved the women.

This is a play about the end of that war. It is a tragedy, about loss and pain, with just a few moments of victory for the Trojans. Trojan Women is set in our version of a 21st Century war. The women are like today’s homeless and the immigrants who can only hope for a better life, as they do what they must to survive.